Building a better culture


Creating a culture of positive engagement begins with the desire to find what behaviors make Franchisees, team members and customers thankful for the relationship they have with the Brand. From there, a company can work to ensure that an enthusiasm to continue deepening the relationship exists among all parties.

Let the Culture Assessment Begin

To get the best results, Management 2000℠ will help determine why each individual decides to work with, or do business with, the Brand. In other words, what are the personal and/or business goals the company helps them achieve?

The answer to this question is what enables us to determine what beliefs, behaviors, processes and technologies can be utilized in the following Brand processes:

  • Selection
  • Training
  • Development
  • Leadership
  • Management

The end goal is to foster a culture that attracts and maintains people who have the desire to create positive, inspiring experiences that will make customers want to come back.

“A Great Place to Work” is “A Great Place to Shop and Spend Money”

When a company successfully inspires Franchisees and team members to believe in the Brand, they have created a great place to work. It won’t be long before retention, satisfaction, referral and productivity metrics improve.

When the relationship between a Brand and its Franchisees, team members and customers stands upon a strong foundation, it naturally turns into a great place to shop and spend money. The company’s retention of new and existing customers, as well as frequency, satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value metrics will all improve.